About Us

Ban Ban Ice Cream combines the tradition of Lao ice-cream with modern manufacturing methods and packaging to deliver nostalgia on a stick. Inspired by childhood memories of traditional Lao ice cream made with coconut milk, the founders of Ban Ban Ice Cream were determined to revive the flavours they enjoyed as children when the call of the ice cream seller – “Kalem Kalem!” – beckoned them to leave their houses and brave the heatwave for traditional homemade Lao ice cream.

The name “Ban Ban” is Lao for “homely” and is perfect for the first packaged, FDA approve ice cream in Laos. Five mouth-watering flavours are now available – coconut, passion fruit, taro, black beans and “nom-som” (Lao Yogurt) with more local flavours being developed for the future.


Banban provides catering services!

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